Diamex understands the importance of a diamond’s cut.  They will manufacture each stone to the best it can be so that the beauty of the stone is brought to life and the value maximized. Before they begin, the diamond is carefully evaluated to take into consideration the clarity, size and brilliance of the stone. They are committed to getting the best results possible with your satisfaction guaranteed. Their trained craftsmen are experts at (add shapes & cuts).  


Diamex provides expert recutting services including but not limited to:

  • Results that are “Very Good to Excellent”

  • Triple Ex when requested

  • Specified weight points or cut grades

Updating a cut/shape can help to maximize brilliance and bring an older diamond back to life.  Recutting will often significantly improve value and saleability.  Changing certain shapes to more popular ones will also increase its appeal.

The experts at Diamex, under the supervision of Jeffrey Greenwald: V.P., review each stone before accepting it for recutting. Often the goal is to revise a shape into a more current style, other times it is undertaken to repair a significant damage.

There is an  exciting opportunity when recutting fancy colored diamonds, where possible to improve the color grade.  Diamex has a highly respected track record in this important category of recutting.


Most surface imperfections or minor damage can be readily repaired by Diamex.  They can remove minor scratches polish abrasions, etc. to bring the diamond back to its original brilliance.



Ronny Levy, President ~ Period Jewels Inc.

"Working with Diamex has been more than a pleasure, it has been profitable for our company. Because of their attention to detail, experience, and  precise cutting/polishing ability, we have not only improved the cutting of many stones, but also, in some cases, improved color and clarity."

— Ronny Levy

Sam Chmielash, President ~ MSD Gem Lab Co.

“Diamex respects my needs on every project without compromising on the finest detail. I’m proud to put my name to every diamond before it goes out the door. “

— Sam Chmielash