About "Brilliant Finish" Diamond Polishing Technology

With the advent of technology today we have seen vast improvements to the final finish on Diamond. This new breakthrough is producing diamonds with an improved Luster, Dispersion and Scintillation without any weight loss.

The difference in the stone must be seen to believe. The stones POP. The color flashes are more intense and livelier. The stones face up whiter and brighter. This process has made the difference between a stone that is hard to sell and one that virtually sells itself.

Working in collaboration with Diamex's cutting and polishing capabilities we have found a synergy of processes that complement each other.

The process is all natural! There are no chemicals, treatments or any process that can be considered not natural or treated. We can improve the surface finish from the Nano range and bring the surface into the Angstrom range. After we apply our polishing technology light stays focused as it passes through the stone without breaking up. The result is a more beautiful, livelier stone that faces up whiter and in some cases we have shifted color.

Seeing is believing please allow us to show you the difference. We are polishing stones for some of the best cutters in the industry! We have been polishing stones with this process for many years and have processed thousands of stones.,  Our techniques are more sophisticated than ever before; honed by experience and talent. We look forward to improving your sell thru using our Brilliant Finish.







Mr. Don Loke, working with Diamex inc. and using his "brilliant polishing technique" polished my entire inventory of  2ct plus diamonds. I was  most amazed by  the increase  in scintillation, dispersion, and optical transparency.   My stones popped and faced up much brighter. He shifted 2 stones to the next higher color grade.  For the small cost of the polishing, the results were very cost effective. I have no problem recommending this process to anyone in our industry.

— Micharl J. Miller


I have used Don's technical services and of all the diamonds he has done for me they all exhibit better dispersion, scintillation and the stones become more transparent and brighter. They face up whiter. I highly recommend his services".

— Sachin Gandhi